FOCL (F*ck Off Character Limit)

FOCL, Verb(more than likely), (ef-oh-see-el), abbrev.
1)Shortened version of Fuck Off Character Limit, usually with a period on the end.

Summary: Fuck Off Character Limit, or FOCL for short, is used when members on PSOW want to edit a quote, quote a quote as their post, etc., when their post doesn't meet the newly established Character Limit in the PSOW Forum software. PSOW's software now requires a minimum post length of five characters, and they need to be typed by the user. It is a minor annoyance, however, and isn't taken too seriously…usually. There ARE various workarounds, but typing like this:


Has the 5 character minimum, and is much easier to do.

The first time it was used was by Shadowpawn, and afterwards Nitro_Vordex helped reinforce it. As of right now, only a few people really use this abbreviation. An example pic/sig done by member Nitro_Vordex:

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