Skype is an instant-messaging/voice communication client now used by most FKLers to talk to each other. Unlike PSOW, Skype has no moderation of what you can and cannot say. Skype is also responsible for being the medium in which This Week in FKL, the FKL podcast, is recorded.

Another feature of Skype is that users may change their displayed names just as easily as they may change their avatars. This can lead to much confusion when multiple people have the same name, or somebody has a different name before and after one falls asleep.

The FKLers usually hold their calls late at night, when all of the night owls are awake and present. Occasionally, there is a call earlier in the day with fewer people.

Despite the fact that Skype 4.0 is available, most of the FKL-Skyping community prefers to use Skype 3.8 on the grounds that Skype 4's layout is harder to work with than Skype 3.8's.

Skype's official website and downloads can be found here:

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