Spell List (Ronin Cooper)

The following is a list of Ronin Cooper's elemental spells.

  • "Buster" type: With the exception of the special spell "Blast Buster", these are simple elemental bursts, such as a fireball, or lightning shot. They are swift, but lacking in power, however, they use very little magic and can be cast successively with little repercussion.
  • "Blaster" type: More powerful, concentrated elemental beams, slower to execute and require more energy to perform.
  • "Barrage" type: Although reasonably swift and having considerable area coverage, their cost is rather taxing and cannot be performed successively.
  • "Cannon" type: Similar to blaster, but even more powerful and with a much wider ray, however they are also exceedingly costly to perform, and can fatigue quickly.
  • Blast Buster: A non-elemental explosion, it is buster level, but works differently aside from the cost in that it simply causes a small explosion.
  • Dash Cannon: Ronin Cooper's only physical spell, a high velocity tackle that strikes with a powerful impact, however, Cooper lacks the physical resiliency to use it often.
  • Eternal Damnation: Cooper's most powerful spell, however it is also his most magic intensive, but it is nearly impossible to avoid within its range.

Cooper's normal spells fall under the following elemental subtypes: Flare (fire), Chill (ice), Spark (lighting), Flash (light), and Shadow (dark).

All of Cooper's spells are cast via incantation, simply by shouting the spell's name.

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