This Week in FKL

This Week in FKL
Number of Episodes: 4

This Week in FKL is a podcast started by SpikeOtacon in June 2008. The Podcast is recorded once a week over a VOIP program such as Skype.

The Proposal

The following is the original proposal posted by Spike before any recording took place.

Dearest FKL,

In my many years of being a spammer in these fine halls of FKL, I have seen quite a few different ways to approach the FKL way of life. But I think there is one frontier that we have yet to conquer, the Podcast. Here is what I am suggesting.

I want to gather a few FKLers together in a Skype chatroom, and record a 15 minute conversation about FKL lore, or new topics or even us trying to do things like the poetry thread, in audio form. I think this could be kind of entertaining and would certainly be a conversation piece if it ever came up on a random playlist on iTunes.

One thing that will be tricky is giving everyone a chance to be on the show, which shall be hosted by myself and a panel of say, 3 more FKLites each episode. These 3 others will be exchanged each episode to keep things fresh. It will be a mixture of "Whos Line is it Anyway?" and the podcast "You Look Nice Today". But I think if we work at it, we can get some times set up to record an episode a week.

What do you think, FKL? Are you up for this?

Reception was very positive.

About the Show

The show's format changes based on what gets recorded and who is there. Some episodes may be more chopped up and sketch like, while others may be FKL history and culture lessons and may be set up to play without music breaks.


The Negative Episodes! (The episodes done during the initial stages of setting up.)

Negative Episode #1 - The Test Show (With SpikeOtacon and Sgt_Shligger)
Negative Episode #2 - Untitled (With SpikeOtacon and Sgt_Shligger)
Negative Episode #3 - You Look Nice Today (With SpikeOctagon and Pvt_Shligger)

The Episodes!

Episode #1 - Fresh Kills Bandfill (With SpikeOtacon, Sgt_Shligger, VanHalen and Tessu)
Episode #2 - Who's Spam is it, Anyway? (With SpikeOtacon, Nai_Calus, KodiaX987, Nitro_Vordex, Sgt_Shligger and Tessu.)
Episode #3 - The Skype Chat Beep Blues (With SpikeOtacon, VanHalen, Toadthroat, and Mixfortune)
Episode #4 - Now With Infomercials! (with SpikeOtacon, Astuarlen, Tessu, Sord, and Toadthroat, with special guest star Billy Mays)

Commercial Break #1 - After These Messages from Our Sponsors... (with W0LB0T)

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