Wacko Vault

The Wacko Vault is a thread in Fresh Kills Landfill dedicated to the collection and display of all user-made wackos.

There are currently 27 wackos in the Wacko Vault. These are:

  • The original wacko
  • A gray wacko
  • A pink wacko
  • A teal wacko
  • A red wacko
  • A transparent wacko
  • A white wacko
  • A square wacko
  • An olive-green wacko
  • A Dhylec wacko that changes colors
  • A laughing wacko
  • A rolling wacko
  • An "Alien" wacko with a differently-colored wacko bursting out of it
  • A wacko that draws itself
  • An Oompa-Loompa wacko
  • A wacko with a scar instead of one of its eyes
  • A Sonic wacko
  • A rainbow wacko
  • A plaid wacko
  • A cat wacko
  • An enormous wacko
  • A Sheen wacko
  • A larger version of the Dhylec wacko
  • A text-based wacko
  • A color-inverted wacko
  • A chocolate-chip wacko

Here is a link to the Wacko Vault: [http://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61141]

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